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Investing in New York

Please click on the Building Inquiry Link to receive more information about purchasing buildings and properties in New York City. Please click on the Building Inquiry Link to receive more information about purchasing apartments in New York City.

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Investment in the New York City real estate market is extremely popular today due to the increased return on your investment. Although it may seem like a daunting task to own property in New York, Rialto Management Corp. will assist you thought the difficult process of renting, buying or selling your property. Rialto Management Corp. will customize a portfolio of properties for you to review, based on your criteria set. Please click the links above for more information.

Rialto Management Corp. assists investors in finding investment properties for sale in New York City by:

  1. Speaking with the client to identify the type of investment that is best suited for them;
  2. Identifying investments for the clients to review;
  3. Assisting with the purchase of the property;
  4. Assisting with the renovation and/or repair of the property;
  5. Obtaining a tenant for the property; and
  6. Managing the property.

We have attorneys and real estate brokers on staff to discuss your real estate questions and dilemmas. Our attorneys and brokers are available 365 days per year.

We look forward to working with you and making your real estate dealings in New York City much easier that you ever realized it could be.

Please click the Apartment Inquiry and/or Building Inquiry links which will ask a few questions to assist us in determining your interests in New York City real estate.