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Online Windows Form

Fill out and detach the bottom part of this form and return it to your landlord


    Online Stove Form

    The owner of this building is required, by Administrative Code §27-2046.4(a), to provide stove knob covers for each knob located on the front of each gas-powered stove to tenants in each dwelling unit in which a child under six years of age resides, unless there is no available stove knob cover that is compatible with the knobs on the stove. Tenants may refuse stove knob covers by marking the appropriate box on this form. Tenants may also request stove knob covers even if they do not have a child under age six residing with them, by marking the appropriate box on this form. The owner must make the stove knob covers available within 30 days of this notice.
    Please also note that an owner is only required to provide replacement stove knob covers twice within any one-year period. You may request or refuse stove knob covers by checking the appropriate box on the form below, and by returning it to the owner at the address provided. If you do not refuse stove knob covers in writing, the owner will attempt to make them available to you.
    Please complete this form by checking the appropriate box, filling out the information requested, and signing. Please return the form to the owner at the address provided by (INSERT DATE):

    Return form to: Name and address of landlord or managing agent. Call 311 for more information on preventing lead poisoning and window fall